Research & Development

Resource & Development

The demand for newer and more efficient materials makes it necessary to keep pace with the time. MERT DOKUM can manufacture new products that meet the special requirements of standard and non-standard materials. "Solutions that can solve any design and construction problems and meet the diverse needs of customers" Observation, listening, understanding, and creative thinking are the most important steps in innovative solutions that can truly help our customers move forward. All measures and solutions developed by us are the results of in-depth dialogue with partners, architects, and site managers. The result: Practice-oriented innovation can meet the requirements of the construction industry today and in the future.

Technological Equipment

The R&D center MERT DOKUM has much different equipment, including high-performance compression and bending testers, sand sieve analyzers, 3D printers, digital microscopes, and hygrometers, which enable high-resolution scanning and analysis. In addition, computer studies such as optimization research, finite element analysis, fluid dynamics analysis, data analysis, and information processing were carried out using the software of the R&D center. With the help of the developed software, it is possible to propose solutions for specific areas and create quick solutions.

We conduct university-industry collaborations with many well-established universities in Turkey. With these collaborations, R&D activities are carried out in our R&D Center under main topics such as polymer concrete, casting, steel, computer-aided analysis and design, software development, and process management.