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MERT CASTING is in a leading position in the production of fast-access infrastructure products made from casting, polymer concrete, metal, and plastic materials. We take pride in providing quality service with our advanced infrastructure and expert team. With over 30 years of industry experience, MERT CASTING utilizes lean processes and operates production facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our business, reflecting our unwavering dedication to delivering the highest quality in every product we manufacture.

Since 1990, we have specialized in producing fast-access infrastructure products, consistently innovating and positioning ourselves among the key brands in the market.

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Our product range includes ductile iron chimney caps, rain grates, filters, polymer concrete drainage channels, and intervention covers produced to world standards. Engaging in research and development activities, we strive to meet the diverse needs and expectations of customers in this market, primarily focusing on infrastructure and industrial facility construction. MERT CASTING constantly innovates itself by continuously monitoring customer expectations, and adapts to changing product needs in the market by developing new products and processes

Our company, driven by a philosophy of respect for both people and the environment, stands as a distinguished, reliable, and preferred entity in its region and the global market, thanks to its cutting-edge technological infrastructure. Utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) in its operations and a steadfast commitment to delivering quality service, the company is esteemed for its integrity. MERT CASTING also values its intellectual capital as a pivotal investment. Beyond its well-established technological foundation, the company collaborates with universities, garnering support from reputable institutions to consistently enhance its systems in line with current demands.




By combining our technological infrastructure and 30 years of experience, our mission at Mert Casting is to ensure the sustainability of global and human life through the production of environmentally friendly products. With this mission in mind, Mert Casting, through its Research and Development (R&D) department and design office, not only generates solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers but also advances confidently into the future with applications such as Building Information Modeling (BIM). The fundamental goal of Mert Casting is to fulfill its responsibility to humanity and the environment by producing high-quality and functional products that safeguard scarce water resources from contamination. In the realms of infrastructure, drainage, and surface water systems, we produce products that complement and support each other.




We design and manufacture according to the needs of urban planners, consistently providing customers with the most advanced technology, quality-focused service standards, and a commitment to creating value through investment in innovative technologies.

We have a total production area of 120,000 m2 in Turkey's Elazığ, including 30,000 m2 of enclosed space. With two melting units capable of 9 tons/hour and 120 tons/day, and an automated molding line producing 80 molds/hour with dimensions of 1350 mm x 1100 mm and a depth of 30x30, along with grinding and robot assembly lines, we manufacture manhole covers, rain grates, and filters in accordance with international standards.

Resource & Development

The demand for newer and more efficient materials makes it necessary to keep pace with the time. MERT DOKUM can manufacture new products that meet the special requirements of standard and non-standard materials. "Solutions that can solve any design and construction problems and meet the diverse needs of customers" Observation, listening, understanding, and creative thinking are the most important steps in innovative solutions that can truly help our customers move forward. All measures and solutions developed by us are the results of in-depth dialogue with partners, architects, and site managers. The result: Practice-oriented innovation can meet the requirements of the construction industry today and in the future.

Technological Equipment

The R&D center MERT DOKUM has much different equipment, including high-performance compression and bending testers, sand sieve analyzers, 3D printers, digital microscopes, and hygrometers, which enable high-resolution scanning and analysis. In addition, computer studies such as optimization research, finite element analysis, fluid dynamics analysis, data analysis, and information processing were carried out using the software of the R&D center. With the help of the developed software, it is possible to propose solutions for specific areas and create quick solutions.

We conduct university-industry collaborations with many well-established universities in Turkey. With these collaborations, R&D activities are carried out in our R&D Center under main topics such as polymer concrete, casting, steel, computer-aided analysis and design, software development, and process management.