we are mert dokum

Board of Directors

Chairman's Message

Dear colleagues, partners, and stakeholders,

It is with great pleasure and pride that I address you as the Chairman of our esteemed organization MERT DOKUM. As we navigate through the dynamic landscape of the industry, I am inspired by the incredible achievements and unwavering dedication demonstrated by our team.

" In this era, where rapid technological developments and shifting customer demands have heightened their significance and gravity, our commitment to innovation and excellence persists with unwavering determination. Our company continuously provides forward-looking solutions through uninterrupted production of fast-access infrastructure products. We are on the path to becoming a leader not only in our region but also on a global scale in the casting, polymer, metal, and plastic industries. "


Executive Chairman

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Executive Vice Chairman

In MERT DÖKÜM, the role I undertake as Vice Chairman of the Board is to actively participate in the decision-making process related to our company's strategic goals. As Vice Chairman, I have comprehensive responsibilities such as supporting operational excellence, increasing efficiency, and promoting innovation. In this context, my tasks include developing solutions aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction, guiding team members with a collaborative and leadership spirit, closely monitoring industry trends in the international market to update strategies, and managing processes in accordance with sustainability principles. Our goal is to support the growth vision of our company and further strengthen our position as a leader in the construction, infrastructure, and drainage systems sector.


Independent Director

I bring my financial expertise to the leadership of MERT DÖKÜM, actively contributing to the company's sustainable growth and overall success. As an impartial observer, I champion the implementation of a management strategy built upon principles of transparency, accountability, and ethical values.


Independent Director

We organize the studies to ensure the strategic and institutional structuring of MERT DÖKÜM. We strive to create an effective and efficient working environment in order to offer our customers products with high quality and technological competence. We guide the management team to identify and implement the productivity-enhancing factors in processes with innovative approaches, and we design systems that will enable decisions to be made based on real data. My aim is to support MERT DÖKÜM to maintain its leadership in the sector in line with its mission and vision, and to use my knowledge in the best way and turn it into value in order to maximize the excellence in business processes.

Executive Directors

CEO's Message

I am delighted to reach out to you as the CEO of our esteemed organization MERT DOKUM. It is with great pleasure that I share with you the remarkable strides we have made in the past year and our exciting plans for the future.

Over the past year, we have focused on strengthening our position as a leader in the casting, drainage system, polymer concrete, and steel industry. Through relentless dedication and a passionate drive for excellence, we have optimized our manufacturing processes, invested in cutting-edge technologies, and expanded our product portfolio. These efforts have allowed us to deliver superior-quality products that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we have also prioritized sustainability and environmental responsibility. We understand the importance of protecting our planet for future generations, and we have implemented various initiatives to minimize our ecological footprint. From implementing energy-efficient practices in our facilities to promoting waste reduction and recycling, we strive to be a responsible corporate citizens in every aspect of our operations.

I extend my deepest gratitude for selecting our company as your preferred partner. Your trust is the bedrock of our success.


Director, Chief Executive Officer


Chief Business Development Officer

I drive company growth by identifying opportunities, forming partnerships, and executing innovative strategies. With industry insight, I lead cross-functional teams, fostering innovation and ensuring success in a competitive market.


Assistant Technical General Manager

I hold a pivotal role in the adept and efficient management of MERT DÖKÜM's production processes. My primary mission involves overseeing the casting processes comprehensively, from inception to completion. My goals encompass not only the optimization of production quality, but also the enhancement of cost-effectiveness and production efficiency. As the overseer of operational activities within the production facility, I guide the technical and engineering team to ensure the facility's safety, efficiency, and sustainability.


HR Manager

I hold a pivotal position tasked with the management and development of MERT DÖKÜM's most invaluable asset: its human resources. My role encompasses a comprehensive range of human resource management functions, including talent acquisition, overseeing recruitment processes, designing training and development initiatives, as well as monitoring and enhancing employee performance.


Research & Development Manager

My duty is to formulate R&D strategies, track technological trends, and manage the design processes of new products based on customer demands from our region and the international market. Additionally, I am responsible for planning and budgeting R&D projects and coordinating the technical team.

Mustafa mert dokum


Process Development & Quality Manager

My responsibility revolves around upholding the utmost product quality and driving ongoing enhancements in business processes. My role entails overseeing and implementing quality management systems, ensuring alignment between our products and customer expectations, and driving improvements in operational efficiency.