Shaping Your Career

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Be a part of our powerful and motivated team that provides a variety of development and career opportunities, as well as projects that require your creativity and outstanding ideas.

Carrer Management System

Esteeming the abilities and capacities of individuals is an important aspect of personal and professional growth. By recognizing and valuing the unique skills and strengths that each person brings to the table, we create an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.

In MERT DOKUM every human is equal, we are working continually to improve its Human Resource System to accomplish an association empowering employees to reach out at their maximum capacity. The assessment based compensation framework used to precisely measure representative commitments is organized in a manner that persuades them to lay out and accomplish significant standards. A representative's compensation is resolved through a mix of execution assessments estimating how well the worker accomplished certain objectives and competency assessments estimating their abilities, information and demeanor.
Career Mert Dokum

Employee Satisfaction

As part of the employee management policty, all our teammates receive personal and professional support to increase the value of their work and our colleagues (who evaluate their performance and abilities twice a year) work with managers to set career goals.

Career Mert Dokum

Working with us

What's the significance here to be a part of The MERT DOKUM's Family? It implies adding to what in particular matters most in your profession, locally and all throughout the world. It implies being a piece of compensating encounters, liberating you to do extraordinary things. We're a group of experts in on doing a certain something – building your future.

Career Mert Dokum

Investing in people

MERT DOKUM provides training and development openings for all representatives from recently added team member to prepared proficient, covering a wide scope of specialized subjects and administration abilities from coaching to listenng skills, problem-solving to project management.