Load Class: B125

Designed for parking lots & pavements, specifically for accommodating vehicles. En 124: B125, Load: 125kN

  CODE: K300  

Versatile Fuga K200 50 Drainage System: Load Class A15/B125

Our versatile Fuga K200 50 Drainage System combines strength and adaptability, meeting load class A15/B125 requirements with ease. Whether used in residential driveways, pedestrian walkways, or commercial plazas, this system delivers efficient water runoff management and long-lasting performance.

Category: Metals > Fuga Drainage Systems

   B125    None

  CODE: K200 50  

High-Performance Fuga Drainage System Metal: K200 50 - Load Class A15/B125

Our Fuga Drainage System Metal, rated K200 50 with load class A15/B125, offers exceptional performance and durability for various applications. Engineered to withstand heavy loads and resist corrosion, this drainage system ensures efficient water management in commercial and residential settings.

Category: Metals > Fuga Drainage Systems

   B125    None

  CODE: K125  

Durable Fuga Metal Drainage System: K200 50 - Load Class A15/B125

Experience unmatched durability with our Fuga Metal Drainage System, featuring a robust K200 50 construction and load class A15/B125 rating. Designed to handle moderate to heavy traffic loads, this system provides reliable drainage solutions for urban landscapes, parking areas, and industrial facilities.

Category: Metals > Fuga Drainage Systems

   B125    None

  CODE: M2700  

Urban Roadway Manhole Cover Reliable Access and Safety

Engineered for the demands of urban environments, our roadway manhole covers ensure reliable access to underground utilities while prioritizing safety and durability on busy streets. Constructed from robust materials like ductile iron or composite polymers, these covers offer resilience against heavy traffic loads, harsh weather conditions, and wear over time. With a range of sizes and load-bearing capacities available, our manhole covers provide versatile solutions for municipal infrastructure projects, enhancing the functionality and longevity of road networks while maintaining aesthetic appeal in urban settings.

Category: Manhole Covers > Highways and Roads

   B125    22+2 Manual

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