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Protecting Turkeys Water Resources

Since 2021, Turkey has risen to become the fourth most visited country in the world. It has also gained attention for its position as one of the top 10 most beautiful countries globally. In recent years, the influx of tourism has been accompanied by an increasing human population, leading to higher water demands and subsequently highlighting the water crisis on Turkey's agenda. The nation is confronted with numerous challenges related to water scarcity and management, primarily due to its semi-arid climate. This climate results in unevenly distributed water resources across different regions. The rapid pace of urbanization, population growth, and agricultural needs have placed significant stress on the available water resources.

The Turkish Ministry of Environment is working hard to protect water resources. They made an important change in the rules for building construction – now, if a building is larger than 2000 m², it must have a system to collect rainwater. This shows how serious they are about saving water. Even for smaller buildings, local governments can decide if they need rainwater systems. This is a smart way to make sure we save as much water as possible.

Additionally, the Ministry of Environment is doing things to help people understand how important it is to save water. They're running various projects to spread awareness about conserving and using water wisely.
Another organization, the ISKI Istanbul Water Administration, is also playing its part. They're putting in devices to help save water. Recently, the water levels in Istanbul's dams dropped to 35.94 percent. To tackle this problem, they're installing devices that can reduce water pressure, which can save up to 40 percent of water in some areas.
So, both the Turkish Ministry of Environment and ISKI are taking big steps to deal with water challenges. From changing rules to raising awareness and using smart devices, they're working to make sure we have enough water for the future.