manhole cover for roads and streets: durable infrastructure solution

Our manhole cover for roads and streets offers a durable solution for urban infrastructure. Crafted from high-quality materials such as cast iron or composite materials, these covers are designed to withstand heavy traffic loads, prevent unauthorized access to underground utilities, and ensure safety for pedestrians and vehicles alike. With various sizes and load-bearing capacities available, our manhole covers provide reliable protection for utility access points while seamlessly integrating into urban landscapes. Built to last and resistant to corrosion and wear, our road and street manhole covers are essential components of modern city infrastructure.

Additional Information

Product Code M2600
Application: Road - Street
Material: GGG 50
Gasket: EPDM Rubber
Paint & Color: Bitumen Paint
Clean Aperture: Ø800 mm
External Dimensions: 990 mm x 110 mm

Load Class D400
Weight 82+3
Lock System Manual

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